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All offices need to print quality documents, black and white or color. From proposals and letters to invoices, the impression you make on clients is largely from printed material. Laser printers are still the fastest and most economical tool for the job. When your printer fails, you need it fixed right away.

Professional diagnosis, repair, and preventive maintenance are a must for your Hewlett-Packard laser printers. We identify deterioration and replace the most important manufacturer recommended parts with original maintenance kits.

What is a maintenance kit? A maintenance kit is preventative medicine for your laser printer. Through extensive testing, HP engineers have identified laser printer parts that experience similar wear patterns over time. These parts -- used by HP service personnel to repair printers like yours -- are the same parts contained in your maintenance kit.

Why do I need a kit? Although not required, regular insertion of a HP maintenance kit in your HP printer helps you eliminate repeat service calls and maximize the paper feed and print quality performance of your laser printer. In addition, maintenance kits are priced substantially lower then if you were to purchase these same parts individually.

How often should a kit be installed? The parts included in these kits have varying estimated service lives -- depending on the kit. These estimates may vary, however, depending upon such things as printer user maintenance, printer application, operating environment, and the print media used. Any printer servicing should include inspection of the components.

Why choose Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer maintenance kits? Because they are the most convenient and economical way to maintain and repair your HP LaserJet line of printers. Each kit contains the parts most commonly used to repair and rebuild HP LaserJet printers at considerable savings off their individual purchase price. Whatever the size of your business, regular use of HP LaserJet Printer Maintenance Kits helps to maximize laser printer performance and eliminate repeat service calls.

Carried out on a regular basis, this valuable service can help to extend the life of your printer and prevent costly downtime.

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